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Fancy Animal Dinner Party

Have you ever been to a dinner party you can’t stop dreaming about?  You know the kind where the hostess puts endless energy into even the smallest details? My mom put on some pretty sweet dinners growing up, the food was always on point and she really put so much details and planning when it came to entertaining and planning parties.

When it comes to painting my animals wearing eccentric and designer clothing, I imagine them all attending a truly one of a kind dinner party.  Perhaps it would be a dinner party for new bohemians, writers, philosophers, artists, and just great thinkers in general.  Please forgive me if the grammar is lost in my writing.  I have  lot of interesting thoughts and inspiration and if I think too hard about proper grammar, it will never land. 

Back to the inspiration for this animal dinner party... my animals find their sequin jackets and leather jackets whilst vintage shopping...they may even have a stylist friend who styles  stars like Zendaya, Madonna, Mindy Kaling, or even Beyoncé.  My animals don’t tend to follow any type of gender stereotypes, the masculine buck wears lavish furs.   Some of the animals have designer taste and can often be found wearing a vintage tee by Gucci.

Often the animals are painted against an eclectic patterned backdrop.  I imagine these creatures sitting in a super rad room with unique wallpaper in the background.  The wallpaper sometimes is adorned with hand painted poppies and peonies to sometimes bright colored fish.  In each piece, they are painted with bold colors and heavy brushwork.  Some of the pieces are bedazzled with beading, sequins, and Swarovski crystals.  

Most of the animals I have painted tend to have furry textures but I have moved into painting a series of underwater beauties starting with the octopus and a brightly colored and wildly energetic jellyfish.  Since my creativity is strongest when juggling different concepts, I enjoy painting different types of animals instead of focusing on one type.  So, I am working on a moose portrait while brainstorming a painting of a shark or squid next.

I hope you enjoy my work and hearing a little bit about my process. Please feel free to email me at if you wish to become a collector or have any questions.  I am also on Instagram @stationerybakery and love to show snippets of my work and life there.  

Sarah Donovan

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