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Bohemian Burro painting on an antique door

I often paint my work in my garage with the door open so I can get a ton of indirect natural light. I also love to watch the neighbors and kids walk by and the occasional visitor stopping for coffee. Sometimes when I’m painting I’ll take a few minutes to just sit and look around the garage in an anxious need to clean up...that happened this summer and I stumbled upon a refurbished door hanging out against the wall.

I didn’t get a closeup in the garage but here you go. The door had been stripped and painted in a very rustic manner with white paint with chipped details. The middle and largest panel had been removed and then a chalkboard surface was then added. This was super in the year of 2012. I was all over it so we purchased it knowing we’d hang in our entry way. Ok so...I’m an artist, I’m not an interior designer or furniture connoisseur haha.

So, this hung in our old house in Austin but since moving to New Braunfels, my interior aesthetic changed. When I stumbled upon it recently, my friend and realtor, Jessica Hille, pointed out that I should paint on it. Ding ding ding! I hesitated but then realized it would make a great statement piece and would be an amazing opportunity to repurpose the vintage door.

So....I decided to paint a beautiful donkey with a bold Mexican Floral background. The florals are inspired by Mexican embroidery. I love the bold colors and details in Mexican embroidery and fabric.

The beautiful burro sold at The Local here in New Braunfels a week ago! Now, I am in the hunt for antique doors to create original works of art on. Looking forward to creating something unique.

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